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Artist: Benson Boone
Title: Beautiful Things
Duration: 03:13
Release: 2024-01-18
Uploaded: 2 month ago

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Format: Audio, mp3
Bitrate: 125 kbps
Duration: 03:12
Sample Rate: 4800
Channel: stereo
File Size: 2.91 MB
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Beautiful Things Lyrics

For a while there it was rough
But lately I’ve been doing better
Than the last four cold Decembers
I recall
And I see my family every month
I found a girl my parents love
She’ll come and stay the night
I think I might have it all
And I thank god everyday
For the girl he sent my way
But I know the things he gives me
He can take away
And I hold you every night
That’s a feeling I wanna get used to
But there’s no man as terrified
As the man who stands to lose you
Oh I hope I don’t lose you
I want you I need you oh God
These beautiful things that I’ve got
Please stay
I want you I need you oh God
Don’t take
These beautiful things that I’ve got
Please don’t take,
I found my mind I’m feeling sane
It’s been a while but I’m finding my faith
If everything’s good and it’s great why do I sit and wait till it’s gone
Oh I’ll tell ya I know I’ve got enough
I got peace,
And I got love,
But I’m up at night thinking I just might lose it all
Please stay
I want you I need you oh God
Don’t take
These beautiful things that I’ve got
Please stay
I want you I need you oh god
I need
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